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A$$ET Protection A Must For Those Who Own Assets (Possessions)

     Over the past 25 years, the professionals at Assets Need Protection have created and constructed hundreds of Asset Protection Vehicles using Asset Protection Discretionary Trusts. This type of asset protection trust was selected based on their Safety, Privacy, and Flexibility.

Asset Protection Made Easy:

        Assets Need Protection was established to provide the very best protection via the Asset Protection Discretionary Trust.

In article (1) section (10) of The United States Constitution it states the following; "pass ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts". "This means in law, that Congress cannot pass a law that impedes any ones right to enter into a contract". Therefore, you the client, and Assets Need Protection or any other person may enter into a contractual relationship. This is precisely what happens upon the transfer of assets from your possession into the Asset Protection Discretionary Trust for safe keeping. Prior to this transfer, you the present owner of assets selects a new entity as owner of assets, this an entity called Trustee. Assets Need Protection suggests  an adverse person or entity be appointed. This affords much safer and sound protection that a relative. (The reason being, IRS will still state 'oh you appointed a family member, this means you are still in charge". This should however not discourage you from moving forward, you can appoint a trust worthy person who will have your best interests at heart.

We have been asked many times, what determines an asset? The answer is simple, anything you have title to or is a family heirloom is considered an asset. Example: Raw Land, Lake Property, A Cabin, Valuable Animals, Life Insurance, Stocks and Bonds, Autos, Motorcycles, Boats, Planes, Collections: Dolls, Autos, Guns, Antiques, these are all assets. What we are saying is this, "anything that has value to you is an asset".  The below picture is an example of what some assets look like.

Every day there are differing values set on the U.S. Dollar, on gold and silver, on many many things that have a value one day and not the same value next the next day. This then means your assets have a value but is unknown. Therefore a taxable event does not take place on the day of conveyance of assets into trust.

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